August 27, 2021

Enjoy an Enhanced Customer Experience with Berkeley Homes’ New Website

Big announcement! The Berkeley Homes website has received a makeover.

The new design is beautiful, sure, but the update goes beyond aesthetics. A visit to the site reveals this is no ordinary redesign. Indeed, the site’s transformation goes deeper to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Intuitive and fresh, the new website is easy to navigate and focuses on transparency. Berkeley Homes anticipates what its customers want to know and offers answers and information up-front. “We believe that the customer experience starts from the very beginning. That’s why we designed our new website totally around giving our home shoppers all of the information they want and need in a simple, user-friendly way,” says Berkeley Homes owner Jeff Willis.

Designed with customers in mind

The new customer-focused website was designed to answer the big questions home shoppers have when considering buying a new home. Here are some real-customer questions, complete with answers explaining how the new design can help shoppers navigate the home-buying process:

Location: Where does Berkeley build? Is it a place I desire to live? 

Right on the site’s home page you’ll find a map encompassing the Denver Metro area with easy-to-spot locations where Berkeley is delivering exquisite homes to happy customers. To the right you’ll see an overview of the homes in each community; once you’ve chosen a community in the area of town you’d like to live, click anywhere in the box to be directed to that neighborhood’s page, where you can take a deeper dive to discover the homes and lifestyle in the neighborhood. Furthering the search for the perfect location, each home’s listing includes a lot map, so you can determine where in the neighborhood you’d like to live.

Budget: What is the price point for these new homes? 

Berkeley Homes knows your bottom line is an important factor when it comes to buying a brand-new home, and transparency is key in building trust with customers. On the new site, the base price of a home is front and center so you can shop with confidence.

Floorplan: Will a new home fit my needs and my lifestyle? What’s on my wish list? 

Does Berkeley offer these options, and how much will they cost?

Berkeley wants you to know all this and more about the homes you’re perusing. Every floorplan on the site lists the basics (square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and garage space) and available options (with pricing!). You can even “walk through” the home in 3D using the Virtual Tour feature.

Timing: I need to move soon. Are there homes available today? 

In the drop-down menu under “Find Your Home,” you can navigate to the Quick Move-In Homes page, where you’ll find homes that are finished and ready for you to move in.

Personalization: I’ve got some time and want to build from scratch. Can I own a home like 

those I see on Pinterest and Instagram—personalized to my tastes and style? 

You bet. Berkeley wants to provide every detail you envision in your dream home, and it wants to be transparent about the costs involved. No more guesswork! The “3D Designer” button for each home offers the opportunity to see all the design packages available. The “Build & Price” button brings it all together and quotes your customized selections, helping you stay on budget.

Berkeley prioritizes its customer service, always asking the question, “How can we better serve customers?” The new website design reflects the company’s “Now let’s make it happen” attitude in response to this question—ultimately saving everyone time and money and fostering the most seamless home-buying experience possible.

Looking to move? Check out Berkeley Homes’ new website today and take a virtual tour of the many homes available.

Berkeley Homes has been a leading home builder in Denver since 1985. We’re local experts offering beautiful homes to match your lifestyle. Our intuitive, transparent website is designed to provide the ultimate customer experience. Contact us today and learn what sets Berkeley Homes above the rest.


For those who don’t have the time or desire to build a new home from scratch, choose a quick move-in home in one of our desirable communities.