June 22, 2020

Find Room to Breathe in Wide-Open Spaces

Are you rethinking life in the urban jungle? You’re not alone. Sure, city life has its advantages: plentiful dining options, public transportation, and the more intangible vibe of a buzzing metropolis, to name a few. But as Denver—and our country and our world—face the challenges of recent events, many are starting to feel a little . . . cramped.

Want to know a secret? At the edge of the city lies neighborhoods that also enjoy plentiful dining options, access to transportation, and unique vibes of their own. Suburbs around the Denver Metro are changing; they are identifying the best parts of city life and incorporating them into mini metros. And they also offer something else, something increasingly more attractive: wide-open spaces.

Fresh Air for All

Living outside the city affords a lifestyle that embraces space both indoors and outdoors.

Space Indoors

In suburban communities throughout the Denver Metro area you’ll notice one common element: brand-new homes. There is a good reason for this: newly built homes are awesome. They are clean (and easy to keep that way!), they are inviting, and they offer a fresh start on life. City-dwellers seeking more space and room to grow may find new homes provide so much more, including:

* Low-maintenance living
* Timeless yet modern designs
* Energy efficiency at its finest
* Spacious, open-concept floorplans perfect for everyday living and entertaining
* The potential to work from home in a home office
* Large, bright windows
* Easy-to-care-for, easy-to-clean surfaces

Space Outdoors

Studies show that spending time outdoors provides significant health benefits. Sunlight, fresh air, and natural surroundings are antidotes to the effects of everyday life. Time spent enjoying the outdoors can:

* Boost immunity
* Lower blood pressure
* Fight depression
* Reduce stress
* Uplift moods
* Bolster creativity

When you live outside the city, you’ll find room to grow right out your front door. From parks and playgrounds to trailheads and expansive open spaces of nature—and even gardening space in your own yard—the fresh air of the outdoors is convenient and accessible when you live farther out.

Seeking the fresh air and freedom of wide-open spaces? The Canyons at Castle Pines in Douglas County embodies what homeowners really want: convenience and culture with a healthy dose of spaciousness. This highly anticipated, amenity-rich new community features paseo green spaces between homes, grassy fields, and miles of open-space trails.

Berkeley Homes offers affordable, low-maintenance new homes in The Canyon’s active Ramble Park neighborhood. With up to 2,500 square feet of living space, 3–5 bedrooms, and options for finished basements, families of all sizes can benefit from the wide-open space of a Berkeley Homes home in The Canyons.

Looking for even more wide-open space? Check out The Timbers neighborhood, where luxury contemporary-style main-floor living homes are designed to invoke the feel of mountain getaways. Located in quaint Parker, homeowners in The Timbers enjoy spacious (up to 1.5 acre!) homesites and finished basements on all ranch homes.

For more than three decades, Berkeley Homes has proudly built affordable new homes in the Denver Metro area. Providing unparalleled customer service to our customers is our top priority. Rethinking life in the city? Contact us to begin your journey toward a lifestyle that reaps the benefits of wide-open spaces, or search for your perfect new home using our Digital Service Experience. We look forward to working with you.


For those who don’t have the time or desire to build a new home from scratch, choose a quick move-in home in one of our desirable communities.