May 16, 2022

Garage Organization: Storage Solutions 101

How functional is your garage? As the weather warms, now is a great time to get the garage organized to make coming and going for summer activities a breeze (and to prep for next winter’s cold-weather activities and events). Read on for guidance to ensure your space is as functional as possible.

Garage Storage Your Way

Storage options for the garage come with many options at different price points. They range from simple DIY solutions using angle brackets and plywood sheets to full-blown organization systems like the Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail System or The Container Store’s customizable Elfa system. Whatever your preference, getting the garage organized should be the top priority to be sure your space works for you.

Here are three categories of garage-dwelling items for which you’re likely to need storage solutions

  • Tools – Tools come in widely varied sizes and shapes. This category will require a bit of forethought to ensure the setup is conducive to your lifestyle. Long tools such as ladders, shovels, and leaf blowers are prime candidates for hanging along a wall-mounted rail or pegboard system. A tool chest on wheels, with its many drawers, is the ideal solution for hand tools, nails and screws, and the like. Keep the chest against a wall and out of the way when not midproject; wheels allow you to pull it out as necessary.
  • Holiday decorations – No matter the season or holiday, its decorations spend about eleven of every twelve months in storage. From lawn decor for Halloween to wreaths, artificial trees, and ornaments for Christmas, these items must be tucked away and yet remain easily accessible. Shelving units suffice for this, but overhead hanging systems are ideal. Not only will this keep items off the floor and relatively out of sight but it will also utilize plentiful-yet-unused ceiling space.
  • Recreation equipment – Few items in the garage are as varied in size and shape as recreation equipment.
  • Go vertical: hang bikes from hooks along the wall
  • Tap into gravity: stash winter sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, and snowshoes on a wall-mounted rack designed specifically for this purpose
  • Keep it organized: balls (soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, etc.), bats, helmets, and the like can live on a rack or in a mesh bag or a metal basket
  • Shelve it: store equipment such as camping gear (contained in totes) and ski/snowboard boots on shelves lining the garage walls

Homes in the sought-after Canyons community in Castle Pines feature spacious two-car garages, just right for storing items you don’t need to access daily. Designs in Berkeley Homes’ highly anticipated future communities—Aurora’s Painted Prairie and Broomfield’s Baseline—will offer similar spaces. Whether you already own your home or are eagerly anticipating and planning for how you’ll occupy a new space, organization is key to keeping your garage space optimally functional.

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