December 18, 2020

Home Office Tips for the Modern Homeowner

Are you one of the many Coloradans that found yourself working (or schooling!) from home this year? Working from home has its perks, for sure, but its challenges are also very real.

Space is the obvious obstacle. If you don’t have a home office, get creative: you can set up a workspace in a spare bedroom, a nook, or even a reimagined oversized walk-in closet. Or perhaps an upgrade to a new home, such as Berkeley Homes’s affordable single-family floorplans at Skyline Greens, which feature two stories and optional lofts and studies, would make working from home easier.

Once you’ve established a designated workspace, the next step is to outfit it for maximum productivity. With attention to some key factors, any space can be repurposed into a work zone. Read on to learn how to make your home office space as functional as possible.

5 Tips for Creating a Functional Home Office

Functionality is the cornerstone of home office design. Maintaining a space that boosts productivity while supporting a sense of focus and inspiring motivation is of utmost importance. As you transform your space into a work- or school-from-home environment, keep the following tips in mind:

Set yourself up for success

The key to high productivity is using one’s time as efficiently as possible. This translates to having everything you’ll need to accomplish your work in your designated office space. So ask yourself, “What supplies will I need to carry out my task list? Does my desktop have ample room to accommodate my needs?” And don’t forget to think beyond specific jobs: do you have tissues, water, and a snack? Is your background music cued up? Significant time may be wasted if you have to break your concentration to get up and retrieve items throughout the day. Instead, plan ahead, be prepared, and set yourself up for a successful day.

Light it right

Natural light is best to illuminate your office space. Studies show it promotes health and wellness and increases productivity. Set up your home office in a room with plenty of bright windows, such as these from Berkeley’s floorplans at The Canyons—but position your desk strategically to minimize glare. Overhead ambient light is a plus, but a more optimal choice is a dedicated desk lamp localized for the tasks at hand. Consider using an LED bulb for maximum energy efficiency.

Stay organized

Nothing wastes time like searching for items that aren’t where they should be. Does everything in your office have a “home”? Stay organized and keep your home office clean with appropriate, purposeful storage solutions. Desk drawers, filing cabinets, and shelving units are ideal for supplies, papers, and books. Maximize vertical space with a peg board, floating shelves, or a magnet board, and establish a system for all your daily paperwork using a desktop file organizer.

Personalize your space

From paint colors and wall art to rugs and decor, personalize your space in such a way that inspires you and delivers the right energy you need to conquer your tasks. Neutral tones promote focus, while pops of color or gold embellishments energize and uplift. Framed photos also bring a personal touch and are a reminder of who or what you are working for.

Incorporate a natural element

No home office is complete without an indoor plant. This natural element pulls double duty: it’s aesthetically pleasing and helps clean the air. For maximum benefit, mix and match multiple plants and use fun pots to add style to your space. Here are some easy-care plants to consider:

  • Spider plants
  • Cactus / succulents / aloe vera
  • Pothos (devil’s ivy)
  • Snake plants
  • Bamboo
  • Air plants

For many in today’s world, a home office is more a need than a luxury—but that doesn’t mean your work space can’t be luxurious! Use these tips to carve out a functional, inspired space in your Berkeley home that’s perfectly stylish and perfectly personalized—and leaves you perfectly poised for productivity.

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