July 25, 2019

Landscape Design: Keep It Water Wise

You’ve bought a beautiful new Berkeley home, with a fresh contemporary exterior and an inviting, spacious interior and are ready to tackle your landscaping. Or perhaps are refreshing the landscaping at a home you’ve owned for a while. Does it express your style? It should! 

Whether you prefer a tidy, grassy lawn or splashes of color and texture the likes of a botanical garden, it is imperative to keep irrigation in mind. In Colorado, we enjoy a semiarid climate, which means we must be wise with our water usage. Water-conserving techniques used in landscape design such as xeriscaping are a smart way to approach your landscape design.

Here are some water-wise tips to keep in mind when planning your dream landscaping:


The foundation for a successful, sustainable landscape begins with a well-planned design.

In the Mountain West, the following high-efficiency, water-conservation strategies contribute to a smart, water-wise design:

  • Irrigation: Water needs vary among plants. Many thrive with deep yet infrequent watering, which is best accomplished in the morning or evening hours (never between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.). Consider grouping plants strategically based on their water requirements. 
  • Mulch: Aesthetically, mulch adds texture and definitive boundaries to a landscape. Practically, it protects the soil by retaining moisture and keeps plants’ roots cool. 
  • Rocks: Rocks serve several purposes in a landscape. River rock can create a dry stream bed to channel rain and snowmelt. Crushed rock and flagstones designate meandering pathways, and large rocks and boulders bring visual dynamics.

Plant Selection

Plants add style to any landscape. They provide color, shape, and texture in a garden, but it’s crucial to understand their water needs. Fortunately, many plants, particularly those native to Colorado, are drought tolerant. For turf areas, low-water alternatives such as buffalo grass are ideal. Perennials often resist the effects of a dry spell. These cost-effective, low-maintenance beauties reliably bloom in your garden year after year. 

Spice up your landscape with these colorful, water-wise perennials:

Orange: Daylily, poppy, blanketflower

Pink: Coneflower, foxglove, creeping thyme

Purple: Lavender, salvia, catmint

Yellow: Yarrow, coreopsis, stonecrop

Multicolored: Iris, columbine, peony

Not sure where to start? Head to your local library or bookstore and browse resources for gardening in the Mountain West. Consider the planting, weeding, watering, and mowing needs of specific plants, and make design choices that best fit your lifestyle. 

For more water-wise tips, check out this Landscape Handbook. With a little research, a lot of ideas, and perhaps some professional help, you can transform your property into your everyday paradise. What are you waiting for?

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