Winner! Berkeley Homes Earns Gold at the MAME Awards

Winner! Berkeley Homes Earns Gold at the MAME Awards

It’s time to celebrate! In November, the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Metro Denver and the Sales & Marketing Council held their annual MAME (Marketing and Merchandising Excellence) Awards ceremony at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center. These awards seek to recognize those who set the standard for excellence in the local homebuilding industry. Berkeley Homes is proud to announce our selection as a top achiever. Through our commitment to excellence, we earned the prestigious Gold Award for Best Architecture and the Silver Award for Best Interior Designs for our work in The Timbers community of luxury homes in Parker, Colorado.

But the accolades don’t end there. Colorado’s Homes & Lifestyles magazine also named Berkeley Homes, along with architect Godden and Sudik, to its 2019 FABULOUS List. This recognition, for which we are so proud, comes for our all-star kitchen design at the sophisticated villas at the Bellwether Place community in Lone Tree. 

We at Berkeley Homes are honored and humbled to be recognized among Denver’s best of the best. As we say good-bye to the 2010s and usher in a new decade, we look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the Metro area by providing innovative, thoughtfully designed new homes in character-rich master-planned communities. Happy new year!

Award-winning Berkeley Homes is honored to serve our customers with high-quality, beautifully designed homes. Over the past 30 years, we have gained a reputation as a leading master community home builder in the Denver-Metro area. Ready to move to a low-maintenance, expertly crafted new home? Contact us today and discover the Berkeley homes difference.

Ready Your Home for Holiday Hosting

Ready Your Home for Holiday Hosting

Hosting the holidays this year? It’s a big commitment, but so rewarding. As the hustle and bustle of the season ramps up, make a plan to approach your role as host/hostess with pragmatism. A little planning goes a long way in successfully hosting the holidays. 

Follow these tips and turn yourself into a Pro Holiday Host:

  • Stock the bar – Before your guests’ arrival, make a run to the liquor store and replenish your stash of beer, wine, and mixed drinks for the various preferences you’ll encounter during their visit. And don’t forget to also have on hand a variety of nonalcoholic beverages for the children and nondrinkers in the house. 
  • Extend a warm welcome – A small note on the bed can be a huge gesture that goes the extra mile in making guests feel welcome in your home. Don’t forget to include your WiFi name and password so they can settle in and feel at home in their new surroundings. 
  • Prep all meals possible – Choose meals wisely when you’re feeding extra mouths. Select recipes that can be made or prepped ahead of time and that use relatively few dishes in the cooking process. But don’t stop there . . . be disciplined enough to actually do as much prepping and/or cooking before guests arrive. 
  • Stock the pantry and fridge – There’s something so fulfilling about abundantly stocked shelves, whether they be in the pantry or the refrigerator. Ready-made, grab-and-go snacks and help-yourself lunch fixins are a must when you’re hosting a crowd. Also, a big, centrally located bowl of fresh fruits not only looks beautiful but also keeps hungry bellies at bay. 
  • Consider nightstand niceties – Fresh flowers and a pitcher of water with a drinking glass on the bedside table create a special touch that won’t go unnoticed. Such effort shows true hosting chops. 
  • Clear the closets – Take inventory of space in your coat closet and be sure there is plenty of room to accommodate guests’ wintry coverups. While you’re at it, peek in the guest bedroom closet and clear some space for guests’ belongings. This gesture will be appreciated. 
  • Cover all bathroom basics – Be sure to bump up your supply of toilet paper and keep it handy to replenish as needed. For an extra touch, fill a basket with travel-sized toiletries and leave it on the vanity for easy access. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, cotton pads, Band-Aids, floss, nail clippers, and deodorant are perfect items to include. 
  • Take a tour – For those guests new to your home, take the time for a quick “where everything lives” tour: In which kitchen cabinet are glasses stored?  Where can various snacks and drinks be found? Where are coffee supplies?


The holidays are a perfect time to show off your beautiful Berkeley home. With just a few thoughtful gestures and some planning, hosting this season is certain to be a joyful occasion. Happy holidays!


Berkeley homes has been a leading master community home builder in the Denver-Metro area for more than three decades. Our low-maintenance, thoughtfully designed homes make the perfect venue for holiday celebrations. Contact us today and make your dreams of homeownership a reality with Berkeley homes.


A Checklist for Autumn Home & Garden Maintenance

A Checklist for Autumn Home & Garden Maintenance

Nothing quite says autumn like crisp air in the mornings, leaves bursting with color, and pumpkin spice in your coffee mug. The seasonal change is finally upon us in Colorado, and that means it’s time to prepare your home and garden for the winter weather ahead.  

Here’s a handy checklist to ensure your home and garden are ready and well protected for the impending cold season: 


✓ Clear gutters and downspouts of debris.
✓ Schedule a furnace checkup (a licensed technician will clean and service the unit and replace the filter). Are you more the DIY type? Check out this tutorial and replace the filter yourself.
✓ Remove screens and swap them out with storm windows and doors.
✓ Weatherstrip doors and windows (don’t forget the garage, too).
✓ Clear the dryer vent for efficiency.
✓ Test smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and ensure fire extinguishers haven’t expired.
✓ Caulk any exterior cracks or openings where air or water can seep into your home—hotspots to check include where masonry meets siding, window and door frames, and holes where wiring or water lines enter the structure.
✓ Reverse the direction of ceiling fans to push air up, circulating warm air back through your rooms.
✓ If you own a snow blower, complete a maintenance check and purchase fuel to keep on hand.

Lawn & Garden

✓ Aerate and fertilize lawn areas.
✓ Lay a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch on garden beds and at the base of plants.
✓ Offer grasses and plants a deep watering during dry spells.
✓ Got bulbs? Dig up, dry, and store them ‘til spring.
✓ Plant spring bulbs (tulips, daffodils, allium, hyacinth, and crocus).
✓ Empty and stow pots and planters.
✓ Vanquish perennial weeds with an effective herbicide.
✓ Drain hoses and store in a protected place, such as the garage.
✓ Blow out irrigation lines (an air compressor is a handy tool for this).
✓ Clean, sharpen, and store tools (garden shears, shovels, rakes, mower blades, etc.).
✓ Shut off the water supply to exterior faucets.

There you have it: a little work now will be rewarded in spring when temperatures thaw and plants begin poking through the earth. In the meantime, delight in the fall colors—before you know it, it will be time to dust off your skis and snowshoes to partake in the fun Colorado snow activities. Happy autumn!

For over thirty years, Berkeley Homes has built new homes in thriving communities and earned a respected reputation in the Denver-Metro area. Our homeowners enjoy low-maintenance homes constructed with the highest-quality craftsmanship. Contact us today and explore the Berkeley difference for yourself.

4 Tips to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home

4 Tips to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home

Have you ever wondered if there is a single way to improve your vision, increase your productivity, and boost your mood? There is! Introducing . . . natural light. There are a plethora of benefits to capturing as much natural light in your home as possible, such as:

  • Improved health
  • Increased focus
  • Reduced stress
  • Energy savings
  • And so many more!

Berkeley homes are structurally designed to achieve maximum natural lighting. Featuring high ceilings and an abundance of windows (many of them large), rooms in these beautiful homes feel light and bright. Interior design tricks can further aid in maximizing natural lighting.

Here are 4 tips to ensure your home captures as much natural lighting as possible:

  1. Decorate with mirrors: Harness the power of natural light with mirrors, which reflect rather than absorb the sunlight passing through a window. Strategically hang or prop a mirror against a wall (ideally opposite a window) or choose smaller mirrors to place on shelves and watch as any room not only brightens but also seems larger.

    Lighten up:
    Choosing a lighter palette for your home’s walls goes a long way for brightening the space naturally, as lighter shades reflect light better. Using white paint on interior window frames is an easy way to amplify the sunlight streaming in. Also consider the texture of your window treatments and use sheer curtains —avoiding heavy, dark treatments—whenever possible. 
  2. Gloss it up: The paint finish you use in your home has a big impact on natural lighting potential. Go matte versus flat on the ceiling; everywhere else, consider upping the sheen one degree. For instance, if you like eggshell, try satin instead; if satin is your go-to, experiment with semigloss. 
  3. Incorporate glass tiles: Did you know glass tiles reflect nearly 100% of the light that hits them? Use this to your advantage and consider them for your kitchen backsplash or in bathrooms. Not only are they a beautiful choice but they will capture the natural light available in the space. 

A naturally lit home is an inviting, comfortable place to be. Use these tips and reap the benefits natural light has to offer year-round. 


Berkeley homes has been crafting homes in Denver for over three decades. Our fresh designs are rich with character and modern amenities. Contact us today and learn more about Berkeley’s personal approach with homebuyers. Our team of community specialists is eager to help.

Work Spaces that Promote Efficient, Effective Study Time

Work Spaces that Promote Efficient, Effective Study Time

It’s August, and after a summer loaded with fun, the kids are back in school. Soon enough, homework will be on your kiddo’s nightly agenda, so now is the perfect time to prepare a place for him or her to develop productive study habits. 

Potential study spaces abound in a Berkeley home: the kitchen island, a nook or loft, your child’s bedroom, or even a spare-room-turned-office. Wherever you choose to set up a study space, here are 5 tips to ensure homework time is efficient and effective.

    1. Stock up on supplies: Whatever the assignment, set your child up for success by stocking all the supplies he or she will need to complete the work. Scissors, index cards, calculator, glue, highlighters . . . whatever they need, plan ahead and have everything easily accessible so worktime is efficient.
    2. Ditch the distractions: There’s nothing that hinders study time like distractions. Avoid access to screens and consider limiting music, if any. Focus is critical for effective learning.
    3. Provide ample space: Choose a study spot with room to breathe. Cramped, cluttered spaces are a distraction in and of themselves and therefore aren’t conducive for learning. Make sure your child can maneuver easily in the allotted space and has plenty of surface area for all notebooks, books, computer, etc.
    4. Make it inviting & personalizable: Decorate the study space with pops of color and patterns your child likes, and ensure he or she has a comfy chair on which to sit (but not too comfy!). If the surroundings allow, consider hanging a small cork board that your child is free to personalize (without going overboard—see #2). By making the space his or her own, the pleasurability rating for study time increases tremendously.
    5. Illuminate with A+ lighting: Keep eye strain at bay and provide adequate lighting for the chosen study space. Incorporate as much natural light as possible, and supplement with a fun lamp or light strip. Bright lighting will help your child stay focused and alert.


Start the school year off right and create a study space that invites your child to complete his or her work successfully and attentively. Whether it’s daily homework, studying for a test, or creating a project, keep these tips in mind and watch as your child grows and develops into a star student. Happy school year!


Berkeley homes has been a leading home builder in Denver since 1985. We’re local experts offering beautiful homes to match your lifestyle. Contact us today and learn what sets Berkeley homes above the rest.


Landscape Design: Keep It Water Wise

Landscape Design: Keep It Water Wise

You’ve bought a beautiful new Berkeley home, with a fresh contemporary exterior and an inviting, spacious interior and are ready to tackle your landscaping. Or perhaps are refreshing the landscaping at a home you’ve owned for a while. Does it express your style? It should! 

Whether you prefer a tidy, grassy lawn or splashes of color and texture the likes of a botanical garden, it is imperative to keep irrigation in mind. In Colorado, we enjoy a semiarid climate, which means we must be wise with our water usage. Water-conserving techniques used in landscape design such as xeriscaping are a smart way to approach your landscape design.

Here are some water-wise tips to keep in mind when planning your dream landscaping:


The foundation for a successful, sustainable landscape begins with a well-planned design.

In the Mountain West, the following high-efficiency, water-conservation strategies contribute to a smart, water-wise design:

  • Irrigation: Water needs vary among plants. Many thrive with deep yet infrequent watering, which is best accomplished in the morning or evening hours (never between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.). Consider grouping plants strategically based on their water requirements. 
  • Mulch: Aesthetically, mulch adds texture and definitive boundaries to a landscape. Practically, it protects the soil by retaining moisture and keeps plants’ roots cool. 
  • Rocks: Rocks serve several purposes in a landscape. River rock can create a dry stream bed to channel rain and snowmelt. Crushed rock and flagstones designate meandering pathways, and large rocks and boulders bring visual dynamics.


Plant Selection

Plants add style to any landscape. They provide color, shape, and texture in a garden, but it’s crucial to understand their water needs. Fortunately, many plants, particularly those native to Colorado, are drought tolerant. For turf areas, low-water alternatives such as buffalo grass are ideal. Perennials often resist the effects of a dry spell. These cost-effective, low-maintenance beauties reliably bloom in your garden year after year. 

Spice up your landscape with these colorful, water-wise perennials:

Orange: Daylily, poppy, blanketflower

Pink: Coneflower, foxglove, creeping thyme

Purple: Lavender, salvia, catmint

Yellow: Yarrow, coreopsis, stonecrop

Multicolored: Iris, columbine, peony

Not sure where to start? Head to your local library or bookstore and browse resources for gardening in the Mountain West. Consider the planting, weeding, watering, and mowing needs of specific plants, and make design choices that best fit your lifestyle. 

For more water-wise tips, check out this Landscape Handbook. With a little research, a lot of ideas, and perhaps some professional help, you can transform your property into your everyday paradise. What are you waiting for?

Berkeley Homes has proudly served the Denver area for over three decades. Both indoor and outdoor, our homes offer upscale, low-maintenance living at its finest. Visit us today and learn why satisfied home buyers choose Berkeley Homes.

Home Insurance: Are You Covered?

Home Insurance: Are You Covered?

In life there are things that we want to do and others that we must do. Flexing our “responsibility muscles” and buying home insurance falls into the latter category. But there is good news: although it may not be sexy, purchasing coverage for your home is one of the smartest decisions you can make to protect your greatest asset.

Most mortgage lenders require homeowner insurance, but even if you’ve paid off your home, it’s wise to carry a policy—better safe than sorry, as they say. Let’s dig in and learn the basics about this crucial coverage.

What’s in a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Home insurance can be customized to match your situation, but the following are typical inclusions in most policies:

    • Liability protection: Liability protection covers you for the unexpected. Accidents happen, and unfortunately they sometimes result in lawsuits. Whether a guest breaks a leg falling down your stairs or sprains an ankle tripping in a hole in your yard, your insurance company steps in to handle fees and costs associated with a settlement or judgement.


    • Dwelling coverage: This coverage relates to the physical structure of a home—walls, roof, foundation, siding, etc. In the case of a fire, hailstorm, burst pipe, or any other covered unforeseen event, an insurer will assess the damage and estimate the costs to repair your home. Other structures, such as a garage or barn, are typically included in this coverage.


  • Personal property: Think of personal property as your “stuff”: furniture, clothing, jewelry, appliances, books—maybe even spoiled food due to a power outage. Whether items are damaged, destroyed, or stolen, this coverage offers replacement or cash value in the event of a loss.


Coverage Matters

As with any big purchase, when buying home insurance it’s imperative to read the fine print. Damage to homes caused by flooding or earthquakes is typically not covered by a standard policy. And although an insurer will pay to cover court fees, repair a hail-beaten roof, or replace a stolen TV, the amount it pays is capped—so be sure to know all limits and deductibles associated with the policy you choose and ensure they are sufficient.

Shop Around

Rates for home insurance differ wildly. No two policies or companies that offer them are the same. When doing your research, consider an insurer’s rating and how long its been in business. Is it a reputable company? How easily does it handle claims? As for the coverage itself, be sure to make an apples-to-apples comparison when choosing the best policy to meet your needs and budget.

Home insurance offers priceless peace of mind to new and seasoned homeowners alike. Find an agent today and make sure your beautiful Berkeley Home is protected.

Berkeley Homes has been serving the Denver community since 1985. The company’s comprehensive limited warranty offers homeowners an extra safeguard in protecting their high-quality homes. Tour one of their communities today and see the Berkeley Homes difference.

Building a House vs Buying: Which Should You Choose?

Building a House vs Buying: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re in the process of buying a new home, you’re probably considering which is the best option—building a house vs buying. Buying a home can be stressful; there are many unanswered questions, you have to contend with each family member’s needs and wishes, and of course there are budget constraints. In order to make life a little easier, we’re going to list a few points to consider when weighing your options of building a house vs buying resale.

How Handy are You?

When buying your next home, consider how well you work with tools and home maintenance. If you’re not very handy, then building a new home is a no-brainer. Builders generally offer warranties on new homes.

Also, consider that older homes might need upgrades, new appliances, or repairs before they are livable. This complicates the buying process and potentially becomes very costly. When you buy a new home, you know what you’re getting into. As a result, you’re also buying peace of mind while knowing that a few years will pass before worrying about repairs.

Fortunately, Berkeley Homes offers a warranty that covers you for up to 8 years! Buying a new home saves you the hassle of finding contractors to make repairs, etc. As a result, you save plenty of time and money by buying new.

Personalizing Your Home

Oftentimes, you tend to find resale homes that are to your liking, but they require modifications before moving in. Unfortunately, most home modifications require obtaining a permit before starting the project. Items like footprint changes, adding a new window, plumbing or electrical work will all need permits before proceeding.

If you’re building a new home, the home builder performs all of the heavy lifting for you. Again, if you’re looking to live in a home that conforms to your needs and you want to avoid dealing with obtaining permits, etc. then you’re going to want to buy new.

Furthermore, while you may find a resale home that is close to your taste, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get every single detail that you’re looking for. Berkeley Homes works with new home buyers to make their dream home a reality. We personalize virtually every aspect of the home to suit your tastes. From carpets to countertops and cabinets—the customer decides!

Energy Efficiency

Do you ever notice how today’s vehicles utilize fuel much more efficiently than they did 20 years ago? The same is true for your home. Thanks to improving technologies like insulation, air sealing, and multi-pane windows, home builders are constructing homes to be much more energy efficient than older models. Hence, you’re investing in a product that saves you money over time.

Are you looking for peace of mind, less stress, cost savings, and personalization? The answer is pretty clear. Building a new home is a much better option.

Two-Story vs. Ranch: What are the Advantages?

Two-Story vs. Ranch: What are the Advantages?

If you were building a new home, would you choose a ranch or two-story floor plan?

The popularity of each style has alternated over the years, with one gaining steam and then the other catching up. Today’s home builders tend to offer both options in order to suit lifestyle preferences for people of all ages and persuasions. To help you decide which one is best for you, we put together a list of some of the advantages to each.

Advantages to a two-story home:
Bedrooms can be grouped together

It’s common now for the second story to include a master bedroom, one or two additional bedrooms, and a loft or lounge area. This arrangement works well for parents who want to be close to their kids (or vice versa). And if someone wants to watch TV late at night on the main floor, the noise isn’t likely to disturb the sleepers upstairs.

Get the laundry off the main floor (or basement)

Another common feature of two-story homes is putting the laundry room on the second floor, adjacent to the master bedroom. No more lugging heavy baskets of clothes up and down the stairs! Plus, it’s easy for everyone in the family to put their dirty clothes in the proper place.

High ceilings

Having two stories allows builders to open the space, usually in a front room or family room, where the ceiling can extend all the way to the top. This creates a spacious feel and adds connection between the two floors.

Better views

Although not a guarantee, it is more likely you’ll have good views from higher windows. This is especially beneficial along the Front Range, where everyone loves to get glimpses of the Rocky Mountains.

Advantages to a ranch-style floor plan:
Everything is on one floor

Not having to climb stairs to get to a bedroom or other living area is seen as a big plus by many people, especially those with an eye towards retirement or who have small kids at home. The danger of falling is dramatically reduced, and senior citizens don’t have to worry about any major remodeling.

More living space

Without the need for stairs, homeowners gain up to 100 sq. ft of living space in a ranch-style home.

Easy access to the outdoors

Ranch homes are usually designed to allow for easy access to the backyard, and are oftentimes laid out in U or L shapes. You can take advantage of that by adding sliding patio or french doors off the kitchen or dining room. The indoor/outdoor flow this creates is popular with just about everyone.


With only one story to scale, it’s relatively easy on a ranch-style home to access the roof, gutters, and windows for cleaning or repairs. You might need a ladder, but the stakes are (literally) lower.

Even more important than the floor plan you choose is the builder you decide to entrust to build your home. Check references from recent clients, visit their communities, and make sure that the builder can deliver quality, craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. After all, your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and you deserve peace of mind to go with it!

Berkeley Homes has been building quality homes in the Denver area since 1985. A local company, they offer innovative floor plans built with enduring craftsmanship in both ranch and two-story options. Check out their communities to learn more.

Helping Home Buyers Plant New Roots with a Spring Sales Promotion

Helping Home Buyers Plant New Roots with a Spring Sales Promotion

Award-winning Colorado homebuilder, Berkeley Homes, just announced their new “Plant New Roots” new home sales promotion. The promotion includes special incentives on quick move-in and coming soon homes at each of its Denver metro area communities. The incentive can be used toward a price reduction, closing costs, rate buy-down or appliances at any of the communities participating in the promotion.

Said Berkeley Homes president, Jeff Willis, “Spring is a great time to buy a new home. The market is active to sell an existing home and it allows our buyers to spend the summer enjoying their new home.”

The Plant New Roots sales promotion is available at Connections in Westminster, BackCountry in Highlands Ranch, Pavilion Villas in Northglenn and the Timbers in Parker.

The Connections community in Westminster is in its final phase and features highly-desirable low-maintenance single family homes in an ideal location just off of 36 and Sheridan. At this community, Berkeley Homes is offering buyers a $5,000 incentive for contracts by March 31, 2019 on their two remaining homes, including the model, priced from the $500s.

When a buyer wants to embrace the best of an active Colorado lifestyle, they’ll want to check out Berkeley Homes’ Milestone Collection at BackCountry, a gated luxury home community in Highlands Ranch. Berkeley Homes will help make it happen with a $10,000 incentive on a luxury move-in ready home priced at $729,475 when the closing takes place by March 31, 2019.

For buyers looking to get out of a rental home, Pavilion Villas is the perfect community. Located east of I-25 off 120th, Pavilion Villas homes are low-maintenance while offering private yards, garages and basements. Berkeley Homes is currently offering a $20,000 incentive on two Pavilion Villas paired homes priced in the low $400s when they close by April 30, 2019.

The Timbers community, south of quaint downtown Parker, feels like a favorite mountain getaway while offering the best of contemporary main-floor living. Berkeley Homes is offering buyers a $20,000 incentive on three select new homes within this stunning community when a contract is executed by March 31, 2019.

Each of Berkeley’s new home communities features the fresh, contemporary, award-winning new home designs that Berkeley is known for. “Buyers love the attention to detail and priority of customer service that we bring to each of our homes,” said Jeff Willis.

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