March 1, 2023

Personalizing Your New Home.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


The most helpful tool for establishing your personal style and conveying it to your selection center designer is pictures. Gather photos of anything that you like, and don’t worry if they don’t seem to go together; your designer will be able to help you sort through them and identify the elements you are drawn to.

Some great sources to gather photos from are Houzz, Pinterest, HGTV and even Google searches.


Starting with your desired base color – taupe, gray, beige, etc. – helps narrow down the selections for other items and makes the selection process more manageable. When picking finishes, start with the largest items to direct the overall background color throughout your home.

When choosing interior finishes for you new home, you’ll want to select these first:

Selecting these three larger finishes first and keeping them in the same color and tonal family will make your home feel larger and provide a blank canvas to bring in accent colors and other interest like kitchen and bath tile.


Be sure to consider both visual and tactile elements in your selections. A few pointers:

  • Contrast dark cabinets with a lighter floor, counters and backsplashes.
  • Light or white cabinets can be contrasted with dark counters or a light gray or beige counter for a more monochromatic look.
  • A great way to bring in visual interest is through kitchen and bath tile. Visual texture can be created with a tile that has a pattern to it or a mosaic tile that creates texture. There is also a variety of large format tiles that mimic the look of fabric or metal.
  • Tactile texture can be achieved with stone mosaics that have some height variances. These are best used in areas such as fireplace surrounds or as an accent in a powder room or on a feature wall.
  • Carpet is also a great way to bring in texture with a pattern or loop design; there are a lot of wonderful selections to choose from.


Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of selecting the finishes for your new. This is going to be your new home, so make the choices that feel good to you. And if you get stuck, we are here to help guide you through the steps of creating your perfect home.

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