January 14, 2020

Store Your Decor: 6 Ideas for Storing Holiday Decorations

Welcome to a new year—and a new decade! As you ponder the possibilities 2020 holds, perhaps there’s still some lingering residue of the awesome holidays that just passed—trees, garland, wreaths, ornaments, festive linen, and glistening lights. 

When it comes to packing away holiday decorations until next year’s festivities, the three Bs are your friends: boxes, bags, and bubble wrap. Once you’ve procured these, and treated yourself to a fresh Sharpie or maybe even a label maker, it’s time to get busy. 

Here are 6 ideas to help you store holiday decorations like a pro:

  • Holiday Lights – Don’t let light storage intimidate you. With some masking tape and a marker, label each string with essential information such as its length and where you use it (tree, exterior, mantle, etc.). Next, gently roll the strands onto a reel one at a time. If you’re reel-less, a thick strip of cardboard (like a flap off one of those Amazon boxes) accomplishes the same job.
  • Tree Ornaments – These gems on your tree often come in an array of shapes and sizes. Bubble wrap or foam sheets come in handy here. Allowing generous space between objects, layer ornaments in as many moisture-resistant, weatherproof boxes as necessary, sorting as you see fit. The secret to success? Label each container as specifically as possible. Tip: snag a wine bottle separator from the store to stack tissue-paper-wrapped balls in upright rows.
  • Wreaths/garland – A wreath storage case, which can be picked up at your local craft store or favorite superstore, is ideal for protecting the integrity of a beautiful wreath. Need another option? Stash wreath(s) and garland on a hanger in the back of a closet. Don’t forget to cover the items with a plastic bag to keep dust at bay.
  • Holiday Linens – Tree skirts and table linens pack away perfectly in a hanging vacuum bag, stowed out of the way in a closet until next year’s festivities.
  • Silver – Every holiday table deserves silver cutlery, and those exquisite silver pieces deserve a tarnish-free home during the off-season. Texas-based SilverGuard offers a perfect solution: Pacific Silvercloth tarnish-prevention fabric—purchase by the yard and customize to your needs. The company also sells 3M anti-tarnish strips. 
  • Wrapping paper – Easily store wrapping paper in specially designed containers made to slide under a bed, or stash them upright against a closet wall using tension rods. Tip: slice a spent cardboard tube lengthwise and wrap it around an opened roll to prevent unravelling.

Storing holiday decorations is a cinch when you’ve got a plan and some helpful supplies. Happy packing!

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