January 20, 2021

Top 10 Upgrades that Pay Off at Resale

Want to sell your home fast, and for top dollar? Whether the home has been gently used or has been, shall we say, well loved, there are some upgrade hotspots that pay a better return on investment than others. These areas are where you should focus your funds for the best chance at a speedy, lucrative transaction when it comes time to sell.

Sell It Fast and for Top Dollar

To ensure a fast, top-dollar sale, stick to the upgrades that pay off. Here are 10 ideas to get you started:


Oh, the wonders a fresh coat of paint can do for a home—inside and out. Choose neutral, inviting colors and delight in the low-cost, high-repay transformation that’s sure to leave your home looking good as new.

Update the kitchen

Sellers reap a great bang for their buck when they invest in minor upgrades to the kitchen. Energy-efficient appliances; low-maintenance quartz countertops; a shiny, new faucet; and bright, updated lighting go a long way in winning over prospective buyers.

Finish the basement

Transforming the blank canvas downstairs is an impactful upgrade. A finished basement adds living space—and therefore great value—to a home.

Maximize curb appeal

Landscaping represents one of the first impressions home buyers will have of your home. From trees and shrubs to colorful perennials and lush sod, investing in your home’s exterior not only enhances the beauty of your property but you’ll reap nearly dollar for dollar at resale.

Go solar!

With Colorado’s 300+ days of sunshine, adding solar panels to your roof can make a big impact at resale: not only do home buyers understand the financial value and environmental benefits of the panels but they are willing to pay around 4% more (according to Zillow) to nab a house with panels versus a comparable home that doesn’t.

Expand outdoor living space

Adding to the exterior of your home—be it a deck or a patio—increases its living space and therefore makes it more desirable to home buyers with a variety of lifestyles.

Revamp the bathrooms

Wow prospective buyers with upgraded countertops, fixtures, and mirrors in bathrooms, particularly in the master bath. These cosmetic upgrades pay dividends at resale.

Incorporate stone

Many Berkeley Homes showcase stylish stone veneer, but if your home doesn’t, this elegant addition to the home’s exterior or the great room’s fireplace brings a rich, sophisticated aesthetic that buyers will notice.

Replace windows

Newly built homes, such as the paired single-family floorplans at Skyline Greens in Westminster, come equipped with double- or triple-pane windows. If the home you’re selling has single-pane windows, this is an upgrade you should consider.

Insulate the attic

Attic insulation is an affordable investment that may go unseen by home buyers, but it is an important one they value when it comes to the home’s energy efficiency.

Want to wow prospective buyers, ensure a speedy sale, and get the greatest bang for your buck? When the time comes to sell your home, maximize your return on investment by focusing on these 10 upgrades that pay off at resale.

(Not looking to sell right now because you’re in the market to buy? Keeping the previous ideas in mind when building a new home—such as a Berkeley design in The Canyons at Castle Pines—serves double duty: you can enjoy the very upgrades that will result in a higher sales price if and when you do sell in the future. For instance, opting for a finished basement is a valuable upgrade—it affords you more living space, and the return on investment is built in and nearly guaranteed.)

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