August 19, 2019

Work Spaces that Promote Efficient, Effective Study Time

It’s August, and after a summer loaded with fun, the kids are back in school. Soon enough, homework will be on your kiddo’s nightly agenda, so now is the perfect time to prepare a place for him or her to develop productive study habits. 

Potential study spaces abound in a Berkeley home: the kitchen island, a nook or loft, your child’s bedroom, or even a spare-room-turned-office. Wherever you choose to set up a study space, here are 5 tips to ensure homework time is efficient and effective.

      1. Stock up on supplies: Whatever the assignment, set your child up for success by stocking all the supplies he or she will need to complete the work. Scissors, index cards, calculator, glue, highlighters . . . whatever they need, plan ahead and have everything easily accessible so worktime is efficient.


      1. Ditch the distractions: There’s nothing that hinders study time like distractions. Avoid access to screens and consider limiting music, if any. Focus is critical for effective learning.


      1. Provide ample space: Choose a study spot with room to breathe. Cramped, cluttered spaces are a distraction in and of themselves and therefore aren’t conducive for learning. Make sure your child can maneuver easily in the allotted space and has plenty of surface area for all notebooks, books, computer, etc.


      1. Make it inviting & personalizable: Decorate the study space with pops of color and patterns your child likes, and ensure he or she has a comfy chair on which to sit (but not too comfy!). If the surroundings allow, consider hanging a small cork board that your child is free to personalize (without going overboard—see #2). By making the space his or her own, the pleasurability rating for study time increases tremendously.


    1. Illuminate with A+ lighting: Keep eye strain at bay and provide adequate lighting for the chosen study space. Incorporate as much natural light as possible, and supplement with a fun lamp or light strip. Bright lighting will help your child stay focused and alert.

Start the school year off right and create a study space that invites your child to complete his or her work successfully and attentively. Whether it’s daily homework, studying for a test, or creating a project, keep these tips in mind and watch as your child grows and develops into a star student. Happy school year!

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